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    Who will give me clothes when I am coldWho will offer food to me when I am hungryAnd who will encourage me when I suffer from failure All the questions’ answer is “ my mother”

    Hello, everyone, I am chenxuan, my English name is Derek , today is Thanksgiving Day ,I think today is one of the best days to express my love to my mum.

    My mum is a gentie woman, when I was very little, she said that she never hit me, But it has changed when I was 4 years old , she started to teach me to recite poetry of the Tang Dynasty, when my performance was out of her satisfaction, As a result ,my mum would hit me,

    until now, she is still strict with me ,she looks serious sometimes ,but it is very necessary to thank my mother for her encourage and good education to me ,she said ,”no pains, no gains” ,As a good man, I am supposed to study hard ,to do everything I can for her in return.

    I am not a considerate person until Age of 19. she was always sorrowful because of my too much childish behavior, and now, I will show more concern and warmth to you in order to make up my errors.

    Then ,please allow me to sing a song, expressing my love to my mother ,and thank all mothers ,you are my sunshine!

    篇二:My dear mother我亲爱的妈妈英语作文

    My dear mother

    My mother is a great woman in the world, since I grown up I have thought it.

    My mother’s name is Zen Yan fang, but her best friends often call her sister Zen. She is 42-years-old now, but I do feel that she is always a young woman. And she has a very long hair that she likes to keep changing shape. My dad don’t like that she often changes her hair, but I know it’s the way my mom want to hide her changing age.

    To tell you the truth, I even don’t know what things my mother really like to do. In my memory, she is good at lots of things. To keep this family, she worked as a mechanical worker, as a salesperson of insurance. And these years she is the boss of herself. I appreciate that I have such a diligent and brave mother. I knew that she is very hard, but she never tell it to us.

    She is such a strong woman so that she is strict to us. When I was a little girl, I often fell down on the floor, but my mother never comes to comfort me. She always said, “why don’t you look at your own way, and you deserve it.” I swear I hate her at that moment, but now I don’t hate her at all. I love her. Thanks to her treat me that cold way so that I can be such strong. And I

    won’t be worried about such a little thing again.

    My mom told me that to be a happy is the best way to live. My mom told me everything can be possible.

    My mom told me that never give up.

    My dear mom told me lots of things that instruct me all my life. I love you, my dear mom.

    篇三:初中英语作文:My mother(我的母亲)

    初中英语作文:My mother(我的母亲)

    My mother is a ordinary women.She is a very very ordinary women,really.She looks like very ordinary;her age very ordinary;only her wears looks like very special.

    My mother always wear a wide casual pants文大全,a T-shirt (or a wide vest),and a pair of sunglasses.She always use toiletry,consequently she's skin was very good.

    My mother is very benignant,and she was very love me.I with regard to these,I to be thankful.I love my mother , too.Because she gave me very very many.She civilize by education me how to do in world and knowledge.

    My mother is a office workers.She everyday works hard,but she always not to get heighten.Ha ha~~~~~~~

    I love my mother , because she gave me very many thinks.

    I love my Mum . A ordinary and largeness mother.

    the he
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